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requiem for dante

dante, my heart
daughter of the goddess
independent and true,
yet always by my side.
travel now
in the peaceful ether
of the otherworld,
as vibrant in this passed life
so be in the next.
journey the nightwinds
and remain with me
forever in my soul.
with love, i embrace you.
in trust, goddess take you.

© soma stardust, 2011


for serena

this is all i have to offer:
the calm of the ocean
the strength of the earth
the warmth of the sun
the lightness of air,
encircled by pure spirit.
accept my token,
let the comfort drift over you
in waves.

i am
the warm touch of a lover
a mother’s wisdom
the strength of a warrior
a friend’s comfort
and the light of pure divinity.

for you, my love,
in your darkest hour.
for you, my broken one,
to make you whole.

in a feld of thorns
and bleeding black roses
you will find the pure
porcelain lotus
glowing with inner light
amidst the nightmare.

© soma stardust, 2011

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