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requiem for dante

dante, my heart
daughter of the goddess
independent and true,
yet always by my side.
travel now
in the peaceful ether
of the otherworld,
as vibrant in this passed life
so be in the next.
journey the nightwinds
and remain with me
forever in my soul.
with love, i embrace you.
in trust, goddess take you.

© soma stardust, 2011


for serena

this is all i have to offer:
the calm of the ocean
the strength of the earth
the warmth of the sun
the lightness of air,
encircled by pure spirit.
accept my token,
let the comfort drift over you
in waves.

i am
the warm touch of a lover
a mother’s wisdom
the strength of a warrior
a friend’s comfort
and the light of pure divinity.

for you, my love,
in your darkest hour.
for you, my broken one,
to make you whole.

in a feld of thorns
and bleeding black roses
you will find the pure
porcelain lotus
glowing with inner light
amidst the nightmare.

© soma stardust, 2011

ash wednesday, Psalm 38 (rewritten-draft)

Psalm 38 Domine, Ne In Furore – as interpreted and re-phrased by me
(here it is in latin)

O [Goddess,] rebuke me not in thy anger,
nor chasten me in thy wrath!

For thy arrows have sunk into me,
and thy hand has come down on me.

There is no soundness in my flesh
because of thy indignation;
there is no health in my bones
because of my sin.

For my iniquities have gone over my head;
they weigh like a burden too heavy for me.

My wounds grow foul and fester
because of my foolishness,

I am utterly bowed down and prostrate;
all the day I go about mourning.

For my [blood is] filled with burning,
and there is no soundness in my flesh.

I am utterly spent and crushed;
I groan because of the tumult of my heart.

[Goddess,] all my longing is known to thee,
my sighing is not hidden from thee.

My heart throbs, my strength fails me;
and the light of my eyes — it also has gone from me.

My friends and companions stand aloof from my plague,
and my kinsmen stand afar off.

Those who seek my life lay their snares,
those who seek my hurt speak of ruin,
and meditate treachery all the day long.

But I am like [one who is] deaf, I do not hear,
like [one who is] dumb and does not open [her] mouth.

I am like [one] who does not hear,
and in whose mouth are no rebukes.

But for thee, O Goddess, do I wait;
it is thou, [O, my Goddess,] who wilt answer.

For I pray, “Only let them not rejoice over me,
who [revel] when my foot slips.”

For I am ready to fall,
and my pain is ever with me.

I confess my iniquity,
I am sorry for my sin.

Those who are my foes without cause are mighty,
and many are those who hate me wrongfully.

Those who render me evil for good
are my adversaries because I follow after good.

Do not forsake me, O [Goddess!]
O my [Mother,] be not far from me!

Make haste to help me,
O [Lady,] my salvation! Glory…

(disclaimer: not meant to intend harm or incite the wrath of any catholics, merely re-phrased to meet my own personal spirituality.)

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