well, i’m still sick. and when i’m sick, i get all overemotional and nostalgic. most of what’s been going through my mind today has been “i want to go home,” and “i want my mom back.” oh, and the ever-present “why does everyone hate me.”

so in this spriti of self-pity, i somehow decided i’d start listening to the holly jolly sounds of xmas. mind you, my personal holiday traditions tend toward the alternative/punk/metal/indie… so it’s not exactly cheery. more along the lines of rilo kiley’s “xmas cake,” the waitresses’ “christmas wrapping,” “mary xmess” by sun 60, bush’s “good king somethingorother,” and the youngsters’ “christmas in jail,” among others i haven’t had the energy to recall right now. if you care to know what i consider holiday classics, you can find it on my youtube channel thingie.

i’ll be updating this frequently over the weeks…

music is an obsession.

☠ soma ☠

random fact: i grew up a jehovah’s witness, on and off. so i make up for it by being overly enthusiastic during holidays… i’m over the the guilt of my younger years when i secretly participated in holiday goings-on. especially halloween. though this doesn’t keep me from being depressed during christmas time.

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